Welcome to the MNT Kwint International website

MNT Kwint International bv. is specialized in the field of Health Physics, Radiochemistry, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and –diagnostics, Cardiology, Nuclear Power and Waste-management. For more than 25 years our program is based on:

  • Handling and storage of open – and sealed radioactive materials/chemicals;
  • Handling and storage of radioactive pharmaceuticals;
  • Handling and storage of radioactive solid- and liquid waste (low- and high level);
  • Furnishing radioactive laboratories, rooms for production radioactive chemicals/materials, clean rooms, treatment- and accelerator rooms, waste-rooms, etc.;
  • Developing, engineering and producing nuclear medical apparatus and instruments;
  • Engineering and producing all kind of radiation protection (shielding) products for hospitals, research institutes, accelerator centers and nuclear-power stations as well as production lines for isotopes
  • Personal protection
  • Complete hospital furniture
  • Detection of radioactivity and radiation of all kinds of radioactive materials

Our services and program contain:

Consultancy, risk and/or hazard inventarisation / evaluation and risk-analyses, development, engineering, production and product-service /after sales.

Depending the scope of the project it is common that we do our work in co-operation with the “customer”( like: architects, constructional engineers, mechanical engineers; physicists; doctors; authorities of the government and other concerning experts). We take in these cases for granted that we visit the customer one or more times.


Finally our theoretical knowledge and practical production is based on the European guidelines, the Recommendations of the ICRP and the Recommendations of the IAEA.