in General there are 4 categories of personnel that need training in a department of nuclear medicine.

  • Administration / reception.
  • Nuclear medicine technologist.
  • Nuclear medicine specialist.
  • Physicist.

The depth of training and the amount of training depends on the skills and knowledge of the individual in medical imaging and nuclear medicine.

To train staff to work in the new environment MNT Kwint offers extensive training in our own facility.
A typical training course takes four weeks, after this course the staff is trained for their new department.
The training includes the following parts.

  • A basic introduction to nuclear medicine.
  • Presentation by product specialists of products used in the department.
  • A clinical training in a hospital in the Netherlands
  • A physical training where the staff learns the ins and outs of the equipment placed in their department.
  • SOP's (standard operation procedures) are made together with the staff, with these SOP's the hospital can function according all legislations and will have a safe and effective department.

Part of the training will be done in MNT Kwint headoffice, where we have a completely facilitated training area, for the other part MNT Kwint has connections with the best hospitals in the Netherlands to facilitate the clinical part of the training.

Also guest speakers from the field of nuclear medicine will be invited to give lectures.
product specialists such as from the measuring equipment will be showing their products in our facility, and give a "hands on" training so future users can get familiar with the equipment they are going to use.

The goal of the training is prepare the staff so the nuclear medicine department will be a good and efficient department from the start.