Waste water system for Nuclear Therapy

Kwint MNT can provide a turn-key waste and decay plant for nuclear therapy wards.
The Waste water from the toilets, showers and appliances  will be drained via a Vaccuum system, this system ensures all waste is moved to shielded tanks located in a technical room.
in comparison with traditional gravity based system a lot less shielding is needed because the pipes need no shielding.

vacuum toilet Iodine (Large)

Vaccuum toilets are hygienic and use only 1.2 liter water to flush.

technical room 1 (Default)

it is not necessary to shield the pipes due to the vacuum no contamination can build up in the system, risk free and easy maintenance.

the advantages of this system are:

  • less water consumption than traditional gravity tanks.
  • fail safe design, all serviceable parts are installed double.
  • No worse case scenario
  • Max. only 16 litres per day per patient - Normal gravity needs 48 litres a day
  • 100 % controlling of all contaminated waste water during the whole process
  • Continues monitoring of the water before storing in the decay tanks
  • The concentration of activity is well-known before problems arise
  • No extra shielding of the piping - speed – normal gravity needs shielding
  • No leakage from the pipes because of the vacuum system
  • No uncontrolled discharge in the sewage
  • no risky service on the system